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Automotive PCB.
Buried core multi-layer printed circuit board, core embedded technology and multi-layer blind buried hole design of the organic combination.

1, features and features

Integrated copper thickness ≥280μm thick copper and multi-layer circuit design in one, to meet the high current through electronic products, but also to achieve high-density placement needs in the automotive electronics, high power power modules and other fields widely used.

2, technical background

With the rapid development of automotive electronics and power communication modules, it is possible to integrate power supply, provide high current and high reliability. The thick copper foil printed circuit board has become a popular product of PCB industry.

At the same time accompanied by the development trend of high-density electronic technology, the traditional 4-6OZ conventional thick copper has been difficult to meet its performance requirements, 8oz and more ultra-thick copper multilayer demand is increasing, especially in high power Rectifier equipment needs obvious.
Orders for such circuit boards need to be reviewed.
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