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Li Keqiang: Internet + manufacturing is the only way for industrial development


‘Internet+’ is an important support for 'Made in China 2025’ and we must promote the integration of manufacturing and the Internet,” Premier Li Keqiang said at the State Council’s executive meeting on May 4.
       The deployment of the meeting that day promoted the deep integration of manufacturing and the Internet and accelerated the transformation and upgrading of “Made in China”.
       "In the course of the development of the 'Internet+', e-commerce is indeed taking the lead in the world, but the pace of the use of the Internet in the manufacturing industry needs to be accelerated." The Prime Minister said, "China is already an industrial power, but it is far from an industrial power. There is also a small distance, which requires accelerating the deep integration of manufacturing and the Internet."
       In discussing this issue, the Prime Minister cited examples from Germany and the United States. "German 'Industry 4.0' is mainly 'Manufacturing + Internet', and the United States is more 'Internet + Manufacturing'. Although the methods and paths are different from each other, they all want to raise the level of manufacturing." Li Keqiang said "The two have their own characteristics. If we want to advance toward industrial powers, we must absorb more of these experiences."
       The Prime Minister also mentioned several examples of previous investigations and discussions: Haier made the employees of large enterprises become entrepreneurs through the Maker platform; Henan Zhongxin Heavy Industry vigorously launched “double creation” within large companies; China Nuclear General “Hualong No. 1” The core design of the reactor gathered more than 500 terminals in more than 20 cities through the Internet, and thousands of people concentrated their efforts on research.
       “One of the characteristics of the Internet is ‘collective wisdom.” Searching for solutions across the globe through the Internet can save a lot of manpower and intelligence.” Li Keqiang said, “This is the only way for the development of modern industry.”
       The Prime Minister stressed that the promotion of innovation in the manufacturing sector requires not only the innovation of large companies, but also the need for collaborative innovation between large companies and SMEs. Local governments must support manufacturing enterprises in building a "double-invented" platform based on the Internet, relying on the state's new industrialization industrial demonstration base and state-level economic and technological development zones to build a "double-creation" demonstration base. Telecommunications companies should further increase the speed and reduce fees for broadband access to "double-invented" bases.
       Talking about using Internet big data to change the traditional manufacturing industry, Li Keqiang used the suit pattern type used by the Chinese clothing industry as an example. In the past, it was not Japan or Europe. It has not come up with its own version, because it is difficult to collect data one by one. . Big data now offers new paths. A clothing company in Jiangsu Province has accumulated more than 2 million people's version data two or three years ago. With big data, you can support personalized customization on the basic version.
       "Based on big data and other new technologies on the Internet, the level of innovation in traditional manufacturing enterprises has been significantly improved," said the Prime Minister.
       Li Keqiang visited Ningxia Sharing Equipment Co., Ltd. on February 2, 2016. This old foundry state-owned enterprise, established in 1966, has undergone restructuring and innovation, and has made revolutionary breakthroughs in the 3D printing of the foundry industry. The Prime Minister praised that he had changed from "stupid and black and thick" to "my fair lady", and demonstrated the integration of "Made in China 2025+ Internet". This is a vivid manifestation of the transformation of old and new kinetic energy.
       Li Keqiang learned from the crowded space in the Dalian High-tech Industrial Park that a company has used the Internet platform to attract 280,000 registered users to develop nearly 100 Chong Ke products. One of the projects has increased the utilization rate of more than 30,000 sets of various types of machine tools in the Northeast. The prime minister said that the old industrial base in northeast China has profound manufacturing industry, but it needs innovation to promote smart upgrades. We must use China's "intellectual" to make this profound change to the end!

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