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  • PCBA 1


  • Type: PCB Assembly
  • Minimum order: 1pcs.
  • Certificate: ISO9001/ISO14001/CE/ROHS
  • services: one-stop services
  • Product description: PCBA one stop service including PCB prototype and PCB assembly and components sourcing.
Assembly Services.
The FLY PCBA business department carries the business positioning of the communication module and the sample small-volume manufacturing.
Communication module production line: focus on the production of communication module products and class module products.
Such as: Car module, Internet of things terminal (tracker), and no network card and other products. Factory provides SMT,
Testing, assembly, packaging and other services, with several high-speed placement machines. Has a number of SMT, testing, maintenance senior engineer.
Sample small-volume factory: focus on non-consumer samples of small-lot PCBA manufacturing,
Such as: communications base stations, industrial control, medical, military and other industries. Provide patches, plug-ins,
Hand welding, testing, maintenance, assembly, and packaging services, with FUJI,
Yamaha (YAMAHA) Mounter, Stovetop / Lead-Free 10 Zone Reflow Oven,
With/without lead wave soldering and other production equipment, equipments are fully equipped to meet customers' individual needs.

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